Putting the Pieces Together

I was in the midst of some of the most challenging times in my life.  There I sat at a table covered in broken glass just trying to put the pieces together-in more ways than one.   I pleaded with God to just show me if I had done something wrong to earn such unrelenting hardship and failure.    With multiplied frustration at God’s silence and my inability to place the next piece, I did what any good mosaic artist would have done. . .I picked up the hammer.  As I broke that piece into a more usable shape, I heard God’s heart assure me that he was not trying to destroy me.  He was making something beautiful, but I wasn’t quite broken enough to be used.  Or maybe I wasn’t desperate enough to willingly obey the next course correcting whisper.

All theological discussion aside (does God allow? inflict? are all unpleasant situations refusable attacks from Satan?), all I know is that a new breath of hope in the God of restoration was breathed into my life.  I was released from the analysis of whether my hardship was my fault or just part of the process.  The all-powerful God who longs to restore–WANTED to make beautiful things with the broken pieces of my life.  If repentance was needed, it would be His kindness that drew me to that.   If I would have to hear Him and obey, it would be His voice not my “ears” that would make it happen.  If this was just part of the plan, I could trust Him.  All I really needed was a sincere desire to surrender myself to my trustworthy God.

God sweetly prompted me to do a simple thing that seemed very unrelated to my current situation.  It’s difficult to explain the domino effect that followed (without writing a book).  It was like taking one small step onto a boat carried by a swift current toward the “place” for which I had been searching.  There is something miraculous to the one step of saying, “yes” to the one thing God is saying NOW to us as individuals.

Be patient.  Obey in the little things.  Rest in God’s faithfulness.  Your life is His work, and it’s going to be beautiful if you are surrendered to His kingship.  If I can see value in broken glass, I know God can see the value in you and me!  Ask.  Listen.  Move.

Refresh your perspective with a reminder of the character of our God of restoration by reading Isaiah 61 today.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.  Matt. 7:7